News from 2008

10.12.2008: Viva - day

It's done, I finally also got my Viva sorted in 2008. What a year!! Looking forword to a quiet christmas time now. Cheers.

18.11.2008: More Anna Pics !!!

Finally I managed to get some new pictures from my Digi-Cam. Anna is now three days old and hopefully be fit enough soon to leave the hospital.

15.11.2008: Anna is here !!!

Yesterday, to our big surprise, Anna already decided to leave her home in mums belly and arrived in this world. She was three weeks early, but with a height of 54cm (= 21.3 in = 1.77ft) and a weight of 3130g (6.9 lb) well developed, which means I am now father of a healthy beautiful little daughter. Time to celebrate now, cheers all!!

14.9.2008: Going home

German school holidays are over and Nicole had to go back home to work again for another five weeks. Since we came over by car we also had to drive back, a long and tiring journey. 1300 km drive with two hours of ferry in between, but anyway: It's done!

31.8.2008: Visiting Isaac Newton's Birthplace

Nicole and I went on a short trip this weekend to visit the birthplace of famous scientist Isaac Newton down in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth. The place is really worth visiting and we enjoyed messing around with all the shown physic toys. The left picture shows Nicole in front of the famous apple tree, about 300 years to late to discover gravity ;-)

4.4.2008: Wedding

We did the big step. On the 4th of August 2008 we celebrated our wedding in Freising. Interested in more pictures?