News from 2009

6.9.2009: Bolsover Castle

A long time ago since I last updated the page. This weekend we have been to Bolsover Castle. Nice location, below are some of the pictures.
Nach einiger Zeit Inaktivität mal wieder eine Homepage-Aktualisierung. Dieses Wochenede waren wir im Bolsover Castle, eine wirklich nette Burg. Einige Bilder davon gibt es unten.

27.6.2009: Armed forces day - Militär Leistungsschau

Loads of "toys" designed for killing, big and little planes, horses and a promotion guy who was not sure if an Austrian is allowed to join the British Army. I convinced him that I am not, and after double-checking it turned out that I was right - No, don't worry, I never had the intention ;-)

Jede Menge "Spielzeug" fürs Töten, große und kleine Flieger, Pferde, und der nette Werbemensch der sich nicht sicher war ob ich als Österreicher in die Britische Armee eintreten kann. Ich konnte ihn überzeugen, dass das nicht der Fall ist, und nachdem er sich erkundigt hatte war klar, dass ich recht habe. Nein, keine Angst, war sowieso nicht mein Plan ;-)

20.6.2009: Evacuated - Evakuiert

This night we were woken up at approx. 2am by firefighters, who told us that we had to leave the house. The garage next to our house was on fire. So we spent the rest of the night in the car and in a stadium. One of us slept through most of it, to be perfectly awake when the rest of us planned to catch up some sleep after we got back in the house at 7am in the morning.

Heute Nacht wurden wir um 2 Uhr von der Feuerwehr geweckt, die uns verkündete, dass wir unser Haus verlassen sollen. Das Bus-Depot nahe unserem Haus brannte. So verbrachten wir den Rest der Nacht im Auto und in einer Sporthalle. Einem von uns war das ziemlich egal, er verschlief das meiste davon, war aber dann putzmunter als der andere Teil um 7 Uhr in der Früh endlich ins Bett gehen wollte.

30.5.2009: Sister's wedding

It happens approximately every two years: All Kerber's come together. This time we had to celebrate our sister's wedding in >Aschach an der Steyr< (near Linz, Austria). A nice event where we had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything!!!

24.5.2009: Visitors: Kathl and Andi

Andi and Kathl stayed with us for a long weekend. This time, besides the usual site-seeing, we were also able to teach our visitors some useful skills: They now know how to fold terry-nappies. Well done guys!

12.4.2009: Freiston Shore

For our second easter trip we decided to go to the British east coast, precisely to Freiston Shore. While Anna was unimpressed by the huge amount of water in the sea, she seemed to be more interested in the Ducks. However, she prefered to watch everything from secure distance on papa's arm.

11.4.2009: Bakewell - Tiroler Stüberl

By accident we found out about the "Tiroler Stüberl" in Bakewell, just a 40 minute drive from Nottingham. So for Easter Saturday we decided to go for a little walk in the town and ended it with original "Käsekrainer" and "Mannerschnitten". Not to mention the music they played there which seemed to be originally from the Piefke Saga, Part 1-4.

27.2.2009: Visitors in Nottingham

Last week Robert and Elisabeth visited us in Nottingham to have some nice days and to see Metallica, because their German Tour is already sold out. The pictures show a little trip, were they took Anna and Nicole out to Sherwood Forest. And to be a bit British, the trip had to end in the pub, which brought Anna her first pub visit, and Papa the opportunity to join them there.

25.2.2009: The day Metallica played in Nottingham...

... and in twenty years the lucky ones will say: We have been there!! Seems like we were amongst the lucky ones. That is at least how the Nottingham Evening Post saw it.

15.2.2009: Little devil in Warwick Castle

Last Sunday we went for a little trip to Warwick Castle which is well worth a vist. Well done Aspa, looking forward to what you will suggest next. Oh, and Birgit, thanks for the shirt!

31.1.2009: Girls in Britain

It has finally happened: Nicole and Anna arrived in Nottingham. After a late flight yesterday we have already been around Nottingham to show the little girl here new, temporary hometown.