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Here you can find mostly private stuff, updated in irregular intervalls. More photos, especially of Anna can usually be found on Nicole's and my Facebook.

5.6.2011: Emil is here / Emil ist da

Born 5.6.2011 at 0.54. Technical details: 3610g (= 7.96 lb) / 54 cm (=21.3 inch = 1.77ft)
Geborn 5.6.2011 um 0.54. Technische Daten: 3610g (= 7.96 lb) / 54 cm (=21.3 inch = 1.77ft)

2.6.2011: The tower is real / Den Turm gibts wirklich

Those you have no clue where Landshut is, but have met somebody born there will most likly have heard about the tallest brick building in the world, i.e. St. Martin's Church. In fact it seems that whenever you meet somebody born in Landshut s/he will instantly start talking about it. As we are living very close we went for a little trip to verify their stories, and I have to say: "It is bloody high!"
Kleiner Ausflug nach Landshut, um zu prüfen ob die ganezn Geschichten die ich über diesen Turm schon gehört habe wirklich stimmen. Und tatsächlich, der Turm ist verdammt hoch.

25.3.2011: Finally back in Germany / Zurück in Deutschland

Moving houses finished, we finally arrived back in Germany.
Umzug abgeschlossen, zurück in Deutschland.

28.1.2011: Homepage arrived in 2011

No new pictures today, just a little update which transfers the homepage into 2011.
Keine neuen Bilder, nur die Homepage 2011-tauglich gemacht.